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In the theory of psychoanalysis, Ego is that part of human individuality which is aware of itself as “I” and connected with the world around.

EGO is a crypto token for connecting the world around. It makes communication easier, increases the priority of messages from those who is more motivated in communication and creates filters for incoming information.


Technological progress happens along with the development of channels of communication. The tendency to simplification and acceleration of communication already appeared in XIX century, thanks to the invention of the telegraph. Since the advent of the Internet, the number of social connections has multiplied; the number of the requests for communication has become unprecedentedly high.

The technologies are ahead of us. It's been a long time that we lack attention and time to consume all the Internet's content and communicate with all the right people. There is a demand for exclusive communication and trustworthy first-hand information. Experts, thought leaders, scientists, influencers – it's difficult to find such kind of people on the Internet, or they are always in the public eye – but one can not reach them.

The first problem is relevant for the scientists and experts. If a person needs a unique consultation in the sphere, in which one is incompetent, how should one find and choose the right speaker? Experts, scientists and professionals of their business are not always active on social media. Often, they don't write blogs or don't show themselves on the Internet. We need the instrument that will connect the experts and people who need high-level consultations.

The second problem is the contact of the public with influencers. Thanks to the Internet and social networks of the first generation, content creators have got an immediate access to the audience. Bloggers with a million of followers appeared such way. Sportsmen, musicians, actors, politicians and other influencers of “the old school” have also enhanced their popularity thanks to social media. Simultaneously with this, the public has lost the contact with their icons. We need the instrument which will once again give people an immediate access to influencers.

The tendency of the latest years is the creator economy. According to the logics of this trend, every person is able to produce popular content. All users are the producers of content and its consumers. Now, attention of millions of people is turned to the content that is produced by few people – it's unfair. It's much more interesting to imagine the society, in which everybody creates the content and consumes it, makes each other richer, more popular and happier.

There is no need to separate creation from consumerism. It is already the case that people from all over the world earn by playing NFT-games. The economy of computer games can support the economy of traditional states and families' budgets. In such games people earn consuming (!!!). Is it possible in social networks? – Yes, but not in existing ones. World's leading social networks build work of their algorithms in such way, that it helps to rank the unique content and catch user's sight more often. However, people still do not understand how they can monetize both their own content and the content created by somebody. People are to become aware that they are equally content's creators and its consumers.

Moreover, with the help of some special instruments, one can buy somebody`s attention and then sell it to other users. There is demand for social services of the second generation. Such services will simplify an access to the attention of experts, scientists and influencers, due to a new approach to the process of communication.

Paysenger creates new ethics of communications and monetizes the contact. With Paysenger, it will be easier to contact a media person or get an expert`s consultation. The user can request for the contact with an interesting person in a convenient format: request for a chat, conference, video greeting.

To draw somebody`s attention to the message or call, the user will pay for the request in fiat or EGO tokens. The user can transfer received media content to NFT, and then keep it to oneself in collection or sell it in the inner marketplace for EGO.

Paysenger will open the channel for a direct, trustworthy and mutually profitable communication between experts, scientists, influencers and mainstream audience.

Tasks that the project solves:

  • to create a reliable service for communication with a sought-after person and getting exclusive content (entertaining, educating, business and etc.)
  • to suggest convenient formats of communication: chat, conference, video, audio and even selfie;
  • to give scientists, professionals and masters the instrument to monetize one`s skills and strengthen the status of an expert;
  • to give influencers the instrument to monetize attention and to filtrate incoming requests;
  • to make NFT`s technology popularized among the wide audience.

1. Product

Paysenger is the service which monetizes communication. In the world, where the number of connections between people is growing, while the attention span remains the same, Paysenger has created the new ethics of communications.

To contact a public man or get an expert's consultation will become easier with Paysenger. For this, it is enough to pay for the recipient's attention with fiats or EGO tokens. Media content, received in response messages can be changed into NFT and saved to one's collection, or it can be sold in the inner market for EGO.

The aim of Paysenger is to provide an opportunity for a direct, trustworthy and mutually beneficial communication between experts, scientists, influencers and the wide audience. It gives the society a reliable channel for a contact with a public person and for getting the services (unique information, exclusive content). For the influencers, it is also the instrument of monetizing their attention, and it helps in filtrating incoming requests. Users will get convenient formats of communication with a sought-after person: chat, conference or just video greetings. All of these are available in Paysenger.

2. Audience. Problems and their solutions

With the development of communication channels, the number of social networks rises. Our attention is overloaded. It becomes more difficult to contact those, who we wish to communicate with. There is a necessity in social online-services of the second generation that will simplify an access to the attention of experts, scientists and influencers – due to a new approach to communication.

The contact with the experts, scientists and professionals of one's business is difficult, because they don't present themselves as influencers. It means that it's hard to find them in the Net, and it's even harder to communicate with them. The user who needs some exclusive content of some topic often doesn’t know where to get an expert's consultation quickly and easily.

Contacts with influencers are also hampered, but because of other reasons. A powerful man is always in the public eye. There are Direct and Comments services on one's social media. However, there is a fight for their attention; which is almost impossible to win for an ordinary person.

We divided the audience of Paysenger to several segments:

  • Scientists
  • Experts
  • Public professionals
  • Businessmen
  • Influencers and thought leaders
  • Brands and companies
  • and, finally, each of us

2.1. Scientists

These people contribute to scientific and technological progress and make our life better. Because of comparatively low income, scientist can't afford to do their beloved business. They need to find additional income sources, and this stress prevents the science from moving forward. Giving chargeable consultations in Paysenger, scientists will be able to get a higher level of life that is worthy of their contribution to the society. It means, that they dedicate all their free time to their favorite work – science.

The work of scientific workers is almost unknown to the wide audience. Scientists rarely have prominent media talents, but their achievements are no less valuable because of this. On Paysenger platform, scientists will be able to educate.

Paysenger will as well satisfy the need of recognition of their achievements. Through Paysenger a scientist can popularize one's ideas getting deserved attention and decent money in return.

2.2. Experts

These people are good at their professions which bring them money. Constructors and copywriters, cooks and designers, hairdressers and interior decorators, stove-setters and tutors, shoemakers, confectioners, drivers and many other.

These are so-called “blue-collar workers” – people who are not into management or scientific research. They accomplish specific tasks and have significantly succeeded in this. Paysenger helps such specialists find new clients and even secure lucrative contracts. For example, a short consultation on construction topic ( which material to choose for house construction? ) can bring to the order which is worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Experts also lack attention. They have succeeded in their business, but only a small circle of loyal customers is aware of it. Paysenger opens way to the international audience. Even more, it helps in strengthening an expert's status, because a popular profile in Paysenger will become a marker of professional status for a sought-after specialist.

2.3. Media professionals

These are all the cinematographers, journalists and all those who professionally create educating, entertaining, informing and other content. In a word, these are media and show-business professionals.

Career in this sphere is very much dependent on connections. The contact with an influential man often determines the destinies of media projects and professionals of that sphere. In Paysenger such contact will be available to everybody. Likewise, our platform will make the threshold to creative professions more democratic, and it will open new talents to the world.

Besides, traditional formats of the content have been in a state of crisis for some time. Consumers are looking for new entertainments and soon will rush for them into meta-universes. Paysenger opens a new form of creative collaboration with the audience. This unusual format of the content will attract attention and remind the audience about itself.

2.4. Businessmen and top-managers

It happens that in business and serious business questions, a call to the right person can solve many problems. But, how should one find the number of the right person?

Paysenger allows to conduct business talks, send offers to the clients and partners, gather a database of contacts, which you need for a business's explosive growth.

For example, with the help of Paysenger, crypto currency start-up will get a direct contact to advisers and funds' representatives. Moreover, the platform gives a chance to estimate the quality of advisers' services by their profiles, rankings, feedbacks and media-content in their news feed.

It works in the opposite side as well. With the help of Paysenger, successful businessmen and professionals can additionally earn with their consultations. The platform will become a financial filter of attention; the filter which selects the most immediate requests.

2.5. Bloggers and opinion leaders

These are the people, who create the content which is popular on the Internet. They share their lives, opinions about things and events; generate useful, amusing or even shocking content and get money from advertising, as a rule.

Meanwhile, bloggers are the most demanded category from the listed ones. Their communication channels are truly overloaded. It's almost impossible for a common user or even a local brand to reach influencers' attention.

Paysenger is the channel through which the followers can easily communicate with a renowned blogger: ask a question, order a video greeting, sing a favorite song with one and some other things as well.

Besides, Paysenger helps bloggers reduce some part of advertising content and change structure of their income. With more popularity, a blogger receives more advertising contracts. But, people who loved the blogger because of one's content, turn away from one because of the abundance of advertisements.

Paysenger solves this problem letting influencers earn through direct communication with the users.

2.6. Brands and companies

Paysenger solves the entire range of problems of brands and companies. To order an advertisement from a powerful influencer is becoming more complicated, because communication channels are overloaded. On the platform, the representatives of the brand will be able to communicate with the influencer directly and offer the contract a lot faster.

Marketers can use a full-featured advertising account for working with the influencers on the platform. It will seriously simplify commercial communication with opinion leaders.

With the inner EGO token, the ecosystem of Paysenger lets one conduct high-level marketing researches. Through the EGOgive service, brands can buy user's attention paying for this with EGO tokens. For more information – see paragraph 3.4 (“EGOgive and perspectives of development”).

At the market of the technological companies, there is war for real professionals. On Paysenger, brands can quickly hire “star” employees, set up searching filter, choose the best one in business and hire a professional to their team.

2.7. Everybody is an influencer

We believe that Paysenger will enter the everyday life of each person, because everybody from us is an influencer. Everyone is good at something and can teach others something important. We contribute to creative society of mutual assistance and creative collaboration of all the people on the Earth.

Besides, Paysenger is already needed to every person – depending on one's interests. Somebody will order a unique consultation with a professional, somebody asks for a feedback to one's scientific paper or movie script, somebody buys a video greeting for the relatives from a star-rapper.

The received content can also be transferred to NFT and sold on the domestic auctioning. It explores new ways of platform usage. The unique content is the king of the modern world. Such way Paysenger can become “a gold mine” for getting demanded and expensive NFT-content.

It creates a new profession. There will be people who will earn money with “mining” and resale of creative content. Their task will be to think through the interaction with the influencer such way, so that this communication in NFT format would pay off the investment to the blogger's attention.

The field of application is vast, because we create a universal solution for paid communication in the future world, and because everybody is an influencer.

Twenty years ago, every modern person had a pager. Now, messengers are in trend. In the coming decade, Paysenger will become a hit.

2.8. Paysenger: social network of a new generation

The team works at the social function of the product. Users will be able to send public requests (according to the mutual agreement with the recipient). The request and the answer to it can be published on one's profile. Followers will see this content on the news feed, they will estimate it and comment on it. Likewise, one can do with the created NFT.

The task of Paysenger is to make NFT-technology popular among the wide audience. Due to the fact that Paysenger attracts to the product such people as: experts, top-managers and netocracy with big audience; NFT will become a part of everyday life of the people who follow leaders' thoughts.

Then there will be NFT-influencers that will share unique content in a narrow circle of their followers, friends and mates. Information in a narrow circle is perceived with great confidence. The experience of people from a close social environment often influences decisions, for example, which movie to watch or which phone model to buy. It marks emergence of a new segment of crypto audience – NFT ambassadors on the Internet, offline and wherever they can speak out and be heard.

Paysenger will expand the scope of NFT. Users will be able to tokenize digital autographs, voice messages from favorite artists, block chain verified correspondence, etc.

Every minute people see something exclusive. The amount of unique content on the Web is huge, and it is almost not monetized.

Often, people share their precious content via first-generation services without receiving any remuneration for it.

Demand forms supply. But, in the case of second-generation services, to which Paysenger belongs, the connection is reciprocal. As soon as people realize, that their unique shots, tweets, jokes, words, memes can have a price; they will go to the NFT market.

The abundance of unique content will impact on the taste of the audience. If they are willing to pay for NFT, it means, that it is valuable. The user decides for oneself what to present in the form of NFT and how to sell it to other people. So, Paysenger will be an ideal guide in the sphere: "NFT-consumer – content producer".

3. Business model

3.1. How the service works

  • The expert offers one`s services and collects applications.
  • The user addresses the expert with a specific request (consultation, congratulations, tweet, drawing, etc.) and offers a specific reward.
  • The user reserves payment for the service.
  • The service is performed by an influencer. After confirming implementation, one receives the payment.

alt text

3.2. Monetization

  • Paysenger receives fees for performed services : from 0 to 25%. It depends on the service and the payment method.
  • The result of the service can be converted into NFT, for which the service also takes a fee (in the form of EGO tokens).
  • NFT can be traded on the internal marketplace, which is under development. Transactions within the marketplace will be charged with a commission.

alt text

The strategy of monetization assumes a maximum increase of the average user`s income. The relevance and demand for the services of the platform show many opportunities for this.

3.3. Strategies of monetization

3.3.1 Paid communications with opinion leaders

Paysenger allows you to request for communication with an interesting person in a convenient format: request for a chat, conference or video greeting.

After confirming service`s implementation, an opinion leader receives the payment. The service provides clear and easy access to the right person, offers a list of their services and prices, and also guarantees performance of the service. Paysenger receives commission for providing services.

3.3.2. NFT generation fees

Users can monetize both their own content and the content created by somebody. With the help of certain tools, you can buy someone`s attention and then sell it and make money on it. NFT marketplace will be implemented in Paysenger for these purposes. The service charges commission for the sales on the marketplace.

3.3.3. NFT auction fees

Auctioning is a good format for buying and selling NFT. There are two formats: either the highest bid wins, or the price drops, until someone buys. The platform charges commission for this service.

3.3.4. Premium subscription channels

By analogy to the channels in the Telegram messenger, paid channels have subscription and 7-day trial period. At the moment, the functionality is implemented, but not fully tested.

3.3.5. B2C brands communications with customers

B2C-communications: brands have the option to send paid messages to the users (in the form of questions/surveys). By responding to messages, the users receive a small amount, and the brand collects information about its current or future consumers.

Thus, the brand will conduct a dialogue with consumers directly, but not by advertising campaigns. Brands will be able to pay for the response not to corporations, but directly to their users, allowing them to participate in the products` formation; give a useful feedback or a video feedback.

3.3.6. Narrowly targeted advertising campaigns

One of the greatest strengths of advertising on social networks is the option to choose a narrow target audience and influence on a certain segment of the market. Paysenger allows you to conduct such campaigns and receive income from it.

3.4. EGOgive and development prospects

3.4.1. EGOgive

The development team of EGO tokens soon plans to launch the EGOgive marketing service based on the Paysenger platform. The service will help brands think through, design, create and conduct group activities, marketing campaigns, major contests and bonus programs with rewards.

EGOgive is an ideal tool for companies and brands in the e-commerce industry who are interested in increasing sales and heightening the interest in their products. On our service, you will be able to launch collective marketing activities, surveys and contests with an unlimited number of login steps and receive an unlimited number of applications.

Your followers will be able to contact you via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other services. Our service will interact with the customers not only through popular social networks. You will be provided with extensive opportunities on the Paysenger platform itself.

The part of EGO tokens selected by the customer for the tasks within EGOgive will be kept on the platform and burned.

3.4.2. Advertising campaigns on EGOgive

The service will help brands, companies and individuals to set up and conduct large-scale advertising campaigns. How does it work?

First, the customer buys the required number of tokens from the market and forms pool in EGO. During the campaign, this pool will be distributed among the users who have completed the tasks given by the customer. Let`s explain it with examples.

For example, a large brand of pet food is planning an advertising campaign through EGOgive. To do this, the brand buys 1,000,000 EGO tokens and announces, that this entire pool will be distributed among those who will complete such task:

You need to post a photo of a pet next to a food package on one of the social networks, and then add a text with the brand hashtag to this photo.

So, the brand will receive a huge pool of positive content with viral potential; and this content will be created by the hands of the users themselves.

The tasks can be very diverse. For example, to upload your avatar to the meta universe, or to perform authorization by the retina of the eye; to leave a review about an unmanned taxi. Our world is developing rapidly, so types of the tasks are limited only by the technical capabilities and imagination.

To increase the number of participants, the customer will be able to connect referral links. With them, people will attract their friends and subscribers to participate in a marketing campaign in exchange for additional bonuses in EGO tokens.

3.4.3. Marketing research

Not only advertising campaigns, but also marketing researches are available on the Paysenger platform through the EGOgive service.

The platform is suitable for analyzing people's tastes and opinions, as the customers will have an access to the audience of hundreds of thousands of experts, influencers and opinion leaders. This audience includes people of all ages and interests! Just like in an advertising campaign, the customer, as a part of a marketing research, buys a pool in EGO tokens, which will be distributed among those who will take part in surveys.

Also, the capabilities of Paysenger and the EGOgive service allow you to configure targeted advertising exactly according to the parameters of the target audience. The customer will get access to the audience that is exactly the most likely to be interested in the product or service.

3.4.4. Other types of promotion

In addition to large-scale activities with distribution of the EGO pool, the customer will be able to place specific tasks on the service with a fixed payment in tokens.

For example, a brand will be able to order an advertisement on a video blog, a product review or a short review about it from a famous person.

3.4.5. Perspective targets

We are interested in developing the direction of collecting and transmitting unique personal data even further. We will continue the development of comprehensive solutions on this issue, when we have sufficient competencies and resources.

4. EGO Token

4.1. What an EGO token is

EGO is an internal payment tool of Paysenger. It can be used together with other payment methods – fiat currencies, BNB and BUSD tokens; but transactions in EGO have a number of advantages:

  • reduced platform fees when paying with EGO tokens;
  • ability to buy and sell NFT on the Paysenger internal marketplace (all transactions with NFT – purchase, sale, commission deductions are conducted exclusively in EGO tokens, which allows you to predict the demand for EGO and increase its liquidity: the more people use NFT, the higher the liquidity of EGO is);
  • opportunity to earn on staking.

You can convert fiat currencies into EGO tokens (and vice versa) directly on the Paysenger platform. The exchange is carried out at the current token rate.

4.2. Tokenomics

The maximum supply of EGO tokens is 1 billion. The key indicators of the price and token supply are presented in the table below.

Indicators Values
Max supply (EGO) 1 000 000 000,00
EGO price at IDO $0,1000
Total market cap at IDO $100 000 000,000
Token supply at TGE 2,00%
Token supply at TGE 20 000 000,00
Market cap at TGE $2 000 000,000
TGE = Token Generation Event

4.2.1. The chart of tokens coming into trade

alt text alt text

4.2.2. Token distribution

Direction of distribution Value
Team & Founders 23%
Advisors 3%
Early Investors + IDO 22%
Liquidity 4%
Marketing & Ecosystem incentives 31%
Project treasury 22%

4.2.3. The cost of tokens for early investors

Investment rounds Token allocation Token allocation Price per Token Volume Status Period
Private Presale 2,00% 20 000 000,00 $0,0250 $500 000,00 Completed December 2021
Public Presale (Tokensoft) 3,50% 35 000 000,00 $0,0500 $1 750 000,00 In process April 2022
Strategic investors (Funds, Angels) 10,00% 100 000 000,00 $0,0750 $7 500 000,00 In process Q3 2022
IDO 1,50% 15 000 000,00 $0,1000 $1 500 000,00 TBC Q3 2022
Total 17,00% 170 000 000,00 $3 750 000,00

4.3. Buyback and burning of tokens

In order to ensure a fair distribution of income between the holders of EGO tokens, the mechanics of buyback and burning of tokens (Buyback & Burn) are implemented:

  • 100% of the commission for minting of NFT is burned;
  • 50% of all the internal commissions paid in EGO are burned (NFT marketplace, creators` services);
  • 100% of the commission from fiat payments go to buyback of EGO tokens by the issuer. It leads to an increase of EGO value in the market.

5. The Market

5.1. Preconditions of Paysenger`s advent

5.1.1. The Economy of Attention

In 1997, the American physicist and economist Michael Goldhaber introduced into scientific circulation the concept of attention economy. He pointed out that in the era of the Internet, attention "becomes a scarce resource", which means, that it can be converted into direct or indirect income with the help of digital technologies. Attention has become the "new oil". All economic agents have joined the fight for it – from small entrepreneurs to heads of the states and governments.

A large number of influencers have appeared – people who have a wide and loyal audience on social networks. Even with one short message, an influencer can influence on the popularity of a particular product, generate or kill interest in it. A typical example is already legendary: Elon Musk's tweet of 7th August, 2018: "I'm thinking about withdrawing Tesla from the stock exchange at the stock price of $ 420. Funding has been secured." At that time, Tesla's shares were worth $350, but after the tweet they soared up, and it added 11% in just a few hours. Equally significant was Musk's tweet, that Tesla will no longer accept bitcoins as a payment, since the cost of electricity for the production of crypto currencies is high, and it harms the environment. As a result, the price of a bitcoin has fallen by more than 10%. According to the amount of the audience of influencers, they can be divided into 3 groups:

  • Micro-influencers (less than 10,000 subscribers). They cover little, but very loyal audience.
  • Middle-level influencers (from 10,000 to 250,000 subscribers). They do not have influence of megastars, but they have an engaged audience that trusts their recommendations. Such influencers, as a rule, have experience of partnership with brands.
  • Macro-influencers (more than 250,000 subscribers). Celebrities from Instagram and YouTube. They demonstrate the largest audience outreach, but they do not always have an impact on their audience.

alt text

The introduction of social networks of the first generation (Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) led to the birth of netocracy – a new business elite, the upper class of the digital era. Netocrats (influencers, opinion leaders - such as Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Cristiano Ronaldo, Edward Snowden) are at the helm of new interactive technologies and manage new forms of communication. Anyone can become a netocrat: an artist looking for new forms of creativity, a businessman in need of access to new business contacts; a scientist interested in popularizing and monetizing one`s scientific ideas. It means, that any person is capable of producing interesting and necessary content.

First-generation social networks are the platforms, where influencers create content and broadcast it to their audience. The number of influencers is constantly growing. Along with it, the number of produced content is growing exponentially, while the number of the unique content is getting smaller and smaller. To select interesting and useful content from the general information flow is not an easy task.

Thus, there was a request for a qualitative change in the information environment, for active and interested involvement of the consumers in the contents` production, as well as a request for private contact of the audience with the professional community – be it rocket science or marketing. Paysenger is responsive to both requests.

5.1.2. Development of the Internet

The availability of the Internet in the world is growing. The stream of new users from less developed countries rushed into first-generation social networks for the opportunity to spend time in the way it is spent in countries with high urbanization and good Internet.

World statistics of Internet usage (as estimated for the first quarter of 2021)

World regions Population (2021 г.), people Population, % from total number Internet users 31.03. 2021 г., people Penetration rate, % Growth 2000-2021 years, % Internet-world, %
Asia 4 327 333 821 54,9 2 762 187 516 63,8 2316,5 53,4
Europe 835 817 920 10,6 736 995 638 88,2 601,3 14,3
Africa 1 373 486 514 17,4 594 008 009 43,2 13 058 11,5
Latin America / Caribbean 659 743 522 8,4 498 437 116 75,6 2 658,5 9,6
North America 370 322 393 4,7 347 916 627 93,9 221,9 6,7
Middle East 265 587 661 3,4 198 850 130 74,9 5 953,6 3,9
Oceania / Australia 43 473 756 0,6 30 385 571 69,9 298,7 0,6
Oceania / Australia 43 473 756 0,6 30 385 571 69,9 298,7 0,6
Total in the world 7 875 765 587 100,0% 5 168 780 607 65,6 1331,9 100,0


Experts predict that by 2025 the number of Internet users will grow by 30%. India, Africa and Latin America are developing most dynamically.

alt text

Part of the audience in these countries will break into the class of netocrats and will influence the information agenda in their regions. People will fight for the attention of the influencers and seek advice from various experts. Therefore, there will be a need for platforms, such as Paysenger.

5.2. Competitive environment in the market

There are many platforms in the IT market that make it possible to monetize communication with the audience. Twitch, for example, allows you to send donations, offer a sponsored subscription, sell your own merch, etc.

The Cameo service has gathered about 40 thousand opinion leaders and has become a unicorn company in a few years. The service allows you to receive a video postcard from a well-known former movie star or an athlete. Cameo's capitalization is growing rapidly, but the service practically does not affect the blogging segment and works mainly for the audience in the United States.

The well-known OnlyFans project, which gives access to the unique erotic content, also confirms the audience's request for paid communication. People often come there not for eroticism, but for private communication, and are willing to pay even for neutral content.

Social Internet services regularly offer users new tools of content`s monetization. Pinterest, for example, announced the Creator Fund program – an initiative aimed at supporting creators from various minority groups (racial and sexual), as well as people with disabilities. The creators were trained by Pinterest, participated in consultations on creative strategy and received a budget for content creation. The platform also announced the first set of tools that allows creators to earn money from purchased pins (bookmarks, which users use to save the content they like).

The Clubhouse audio platform, available only by invitation, is developing the Creator First program. The purpose of it is to support novice creators and provide them with all the necessary resources – from buying a new iPhone to selecting guests and speakers in the rooms. Clubhouse is also testing a feature that allows users to pay directly to the creators who open and moderate rooms in the app.

The main means of monetization on YouTube is advertising. To get access to advertising revenue, you need to apply for participation in the partnership program. YouTube is also testing the "applause" feature with a few selected authors through the web version of the site. Users will be able to buy and give the author "applause" for the standard amount of $ 2. YouTube has also launched the Shorts Fund, a $100 million fund that will be distributed during 2021-2022. Its goal is to attract more creators to the new short video feature on the platform. Anyone can participate: everything that is required is to create unique and fascinating short videos.

Facebook has given influencers the opportunity to make money with short and long videos. Bloggers will be able to earn income from video content thanks to the placed advertising. In short videos (for 1 minute), the advertisement will last 30 seconds. In long ones (more than 3 minutes) - 45 seconds. The app also studies In-Stream advertising formats that increase engagement through rewards or product interactions.

TikTok does not have fully featured monetization yet, but everything comes to this. The social network has its own internal currency - TikTok Coins. Digital coins can be exchanged for gifts and sent to the bloggers during the live streams. The blogger can exchange the coins collected during the stream for fiat money. You can also purchase TikTok Coins directly in the app by exchanging fiat money in your national currency for them. Another TikTok feature – Shoutouts - allows users to pay with TikTok Coins for personalized video messages from the content creators. The creator has 3 days to accept or reject Shoutout, and then a week to create a clip that will be sent to the user in the section of private messages.

Instagram has a paid Instagram Badge feature, which makes it possible to support bloggers during the live streams. Badges (donates) are special badges that can be bought for money. The users who purchased a Badge during the stream are highlighted in the comments with heart-signs. They also get access to additional functions, for example, they get into the privileged list of those who have paid the blogger. Instagram has also launched IGTV ads and is starting to share advertising revenue with the content`s creators. Ads appear when viewers start a video from a preview in the feed. The developers are also working on the "skip ads" feature.

Paysenger develops and complements solutions that already exist on the market. Thus, the project occupies vacant niches and competes with other projects in already occupied niches, with the help of new marketing mechanics and product functions.

alt text

5.3. Monetization of NFT

Despite the fact that NFT as a phenomenon is becoming more and more well-known and demanded, this market is not yet saturated. There are few platforms offering the opportunity to buy NFT tokens. The same applies to the information about their placement.

In addition to the platforms receiving their commission, the main beneficiaries are very famous personalities, at the moment. The painting by the artist Banksy was burned and then turned into an NFT token and sold for $ 380 thousand, despite the fact that the original costs 4 times cheaper. This artistic act is not about the value of the content as such, but about the fact that there is a well-known name behind any product. This means, that in the modern world, there is being produced a huge amount of underestimated unique content.

The existing Internet audience has a need for the unique content. The world's main social networks build the work of their algorithms in such a way, that the unique content is better ranked and more often gets into the user's visual field. However, until now, the users have not formed the idea that they can monetize both their own content and the content created by somebody. The user still needs to realize that one is both a creator and a consumer of the content of other creators, and that other users are as well consumers. With the help of certain tools, you can buy somebody`s attention and then sell it and make money from it.

Now, the purchase of NFT is the prerogative of crypto enthusiasts, and existing crypto products are poorly in demand among creators and their audience. However, in the future, people will realize that the value of digital art objects is set not so much by the name of the one who produced the content, but by the attention paid to this content. This means that anyone who is now called "noname" can become an owner of the unique content and – similar to the example with the burned Banksy painting – make money on this content. Thus, it is not Banksy's content that will become popular due to his name, but on the contrary, the purchased content will make a name for its owner.

6. Marketing plan

The main tool for promoting the Paysenger platform and the EGO token will be a large-scale advertising campaign implemented in the form of purchased advertising integrations: the team will purchase from opinion leaders such things as: posts, stories, tweets, video integrations, etc.. Since opinion leaders have a large audience, Paysenger will become a well-known brand among the broad masses of the Internet users.

In addition, a prerequisite for purchasing advertising from an opinion leader will be one's registration in the Paysenger service. Thus, the opinion leader will begin to attract one's audience to Paysenger from other social networks.

Along with the launch of advertising campaigns, an offer for webmasters will be put up for all major partner services – with the ability to attract new users to Paysenger (with payment for the attracted lead or using the RevShare model).

To attract users to the platform, the team of Paysenger plans to use extensive remarketing capabilities.

In general, to promote the project will be used:

  • Affiliate program. Revshare/CPA.
  • Classic PR.
  • Viral promotions.
  • Traffic purchase (Google, Facebook).
  • Charity events.

7. Team

The team, which is working on solving relevant problems within the Paysenger project, consists of the founders and employees of the companies in influence and fintech industries. The team consists of market insiders, and it is aware of its problems. The team works with the largest agencies attracting opinion leaders and celebrities around the world, and has expert knowledge in this field. There are many decent specialists in the team – from the marketing director of Wargaming to the head of the strategic department of SAP.

alt text

Key members of the Paysenger team:

Name Position LinkedIn Seniority, Work Experience Clients / Products
Advisory Board
Val Jerdes Venture & US Advisor linkedin 25+ years Apple, Skydec (Berkeley), Innov8 Global
Artemyuk Artem GiveAway Co-Founder supported by YC. Previously Head of Global PA Wargaming linkedin 10 years Viaden ,Wargaming, Dataduck, GiveAway, OOPS11, others
Constantine Zhuk Marketing, user attraction linkedin 6 years Wargaming / World of Warships
Andrey Seoev IDO launch consultant 12 years SAP
Stanislav Novikov CEO linkedin 10 years Pfizer, Tesla (Russia),,, ТК "Vid", Svyaznoi
Egor Trufanov CMO 10 years DataDuck, MarketPartners, LekoMedia
Pavel Maximov CBDO 15 years Co-founderof (ex-Cardpay),
Eugeni Petrushenko Teamlead, front 13 years(frontend, backend, lead) Wrike, Gazprom oil, Zodiac Inc, crypto exchange (NDA)
George Markov Senior fullstack linkedin 7 / Cpa platforms, Instagram promotion services
Igor Garaev BI Analyst linkedin 9 years(scientist, analyst) OlympTrade, Oktogo (, FinanceDialog
Eduard Riazantcev Fullstack, front linkedin 6 years in development |
Rabdan Zhalsanov Fullstack, backend linkedin 10 years OUTSQR, WildLabs, Meshassist, Startcon, FrontierFounder
Dmitry Mitkov Backend, partnerships 14 years iPetersburg, TeachPoint, Get-Click, Kingfin
Bogdan Mashirov Backend, databases 12 years, backend developer Developing CRM systems для Sberbank,
Victoria Bril Product manager linkedin 5 years
Business administration
Guy Maevsky Head of the legal dept linkedin 15 years,,
Alexandr Kulitski Project Management linkedin 8 years in IT, 7 years in project management, 3+ years in consulting startups and PMO / DMO of large companies on building processes and organizing teams Walmart, Harley Davidson, Carterwood Analytics, TDI group, Neskin Games
Artem Cheremukhin CBO 5 years Dataduck
Istok Influencers, platforms linkedin 7 years, Rock'n'Raw, EHU
Konstantin Sudobin-Vishnevskiy Team lead/promo linkedin Internet marketer since 2008 Visual Group, Olymp Trade, Sk creative agency, ODIN, others.
Aman Rawat India Partner Coordinator linkedin 5 years Cofounder at GRYNOW MEDIA | Influencer marketing consultant
Ivan Koval PR / promotion of EGO, YT channels Paysenger 6 years. Mediabuyer, buying advertising on YT, working in influence 5+ years Dataduck
Affiliate program
Roman Kiselev Referral program manager linkedin 8 years Dataduck

In addition to the above-mentioned Paysenger employees, outsourcing specialists are also involved. The team continues to scale: during 3rd and 4th quarters of 2021, the staff has grown from 5 to 50 people.

8. Investment

Private investments in the amount of $2,500,000 have been attracted to develop and launch the Paysenger service. There are planned two private sales and access to IDO.

Investment rounds Token allocation Token allocation Price per Token Volume Direction of funds` usage
Private Presale 2,00% 20000000 $0,0250 $500 000,00 Development and marketing
Public Presale (Tokensoft) 3,50% 35000000 $0,0500 $1 750 000,00 Development and marketing
Strategic investors (Funds, Angels) 10,00% 100000000 $0,0750 $7 500 000,00 Development and marketing
IDO 1,50% 15000000 $0,1000 $1 500 000,00 Ensuring of market liquidity
Total 17% 170000000 $3 750 000

Plan for attracting investment:

  1. Seed round: closed.
  2. Private Presale (December 2021): closed.
  3. Public Presale (Tokensoft): The second quarter of 2022.
  4. Withdrawal of the EGO token to IDO: The third quarter of 2022.

Now, EGO tokens are offered at a price of 2.5 cents per unit. Listing (entering the stock) will be with a price twice as high. Liquidity at the start is provided by cash investments of at least 5 cents per 1 EGO token.

To stimulate further growth of the EGO rate, the mechanics of tokens burning is introduced. Half of the tokens received with fees will be irrevocably destroyed. In addition, the bulk of the money received from the sale of tokens will go to the popularization of EGO: the purchase of advertising on specialized resources in Asia, the United States and in Arab countries. The necessary budget for the product itself and product marketing is already available.

Unlike most crypto startups, Paysenger is a clear and scalable project. Its demand will be ensured by a constant influx of new users. Customers will come for paid communication, learn about the NFT functionality and gradually get involved in the EGO ecosystem.

Now, it is a favorable moment to enter the Paysenger project: early investors will receive the greatest profit.

At the end of October 2021, the presentation of the Paysenger project took place at the conference Blockchain Life 2021. In the early stage of investments` attraction, the project has received a large number of applications for participation. About $70,000 were raised during the first two days after the Blockchain Life 2021 conference. Applications come every day. But, first of all, the team is interested in attracting friends, colleagues and partners to the circle of early investors.

Paysenger collects more than just money. Paysenger gathers drivers, insiders and the main beneficiaries of the new social network.

9. Roadmap

The development of the Paysenger project started in 2020. The project has already passed the alpha testing stage: all the features provided by this version have been implemented. The project is currently at the stage of token presale and application launch.

In 2022, it is planned to conduct tests in the regions. In the same year, the team plans to launch the EGO token on a decentralized liquidity stock exchange. It is planned to carry out a large launch in Asian countries.

alt text

10. Contacts


Presale of tokens:

To contact project`s team:

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